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Muddy Creek Artists Guild Donates to South County High Schools

Edgewater, Md.—On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Muddy Creek Artists Guild (MCAG; the Guild) President Lora Collins, along with Guild members Joanne Riley and Linda Donahue, presented checks of $1445.82 each to the art departments of South River High School, (Edgewater) and Southern High School (Harwood) to enhance the arts programs in these schools.

The Guild made these donations from its Arts Education Fund, which supports art programs at local schools. At each MCAG show, members donate artwork and baskets of art supplies to the Arts Education Raffle. All proceeds from raffle sales support the Fund, giving show visitors a chance to win amazing artwork while simultaneously supporting arts education in Southern Anne Arundel County. MCAG members voted in April 2021 to use these proceeds to support the art departments of Southern High School and South River High School.

"Since our founding in 2009, the Guild has contributed thousands of dollars in art scholarships and donations to local students and schools. It is a critical part of MCAG's mission of bringing arts to our south county community," expressed Lora Collins, President of Muddy Creek Artists Guild.

The checks were presented to South River High School Art Department Chair Sharon Litting, and Southern High School art teacher Marlene Kramer. Each expressed sincere thanks for these donations, which will be used for supplies and special activities to enhance their students’ art experience.

Each year, MCAG selects one or more local schools to benefit from the money raised through its Art Education Fund. The recipients of the 2022 Art Education Fund are to be announced later this spring. Stay tuned to our events Calendar for announcements and more information about upcoming shows.

Image at left: MCAG members Joanne Riley, Lora Collins (Guild President), and Linda Donahue (second, third, and fourth from left) present the donation to Sharon Litting, Art Department Chair (in front with check), Principal Stacey Smith (at right), and several students of South River High School in Edgewater, Md.

Image at right: MCAG members Joanne Riley, Lora Collins (Guild President), and Linda Donahue present the donation to art teacher Marlene Kramer (with check) and students at Southern High School in Harwood, Md.

Larger images available upon request

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About the Muddy Creek Artists Guild:

The Muddy Creek Artists Guild is a roving band of intrepid artists whose mission is to support and promote the original art of Southern Anne Arundel County artists. For up-to-date announcements and more information regarding MCAG’s Arts Education Fund or the Guild itself, visit or find them on social media via FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.


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