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2018 Planning Retreat

MCAG welcomes both artists and art supporters also known as "patrons" to join the Guild. Membership includes:

  • Access to monthly meetings, which often include demonstrations and artist talks

  • Opportunities to participate and volunteer in group exhibitions and events, such as field trips, studio happy hours, and more

  • Options to participate and support the group's active community outreach programs including community-art projects, DoArt workshops, and art education fundraising for our local schools.

Click one of the boxes below for details on each type of membership.

Members at the 2018 MCAG planning retreat.

Pastel Painting by Roxanne Weidele

Want to share your artwork with other artists and the community of Southern Anne Arundel County?

Photograph by Ed Mann


Interested in art, but
not an artist? Want to connect with and champion the work of MCAG artists?

Jewelry by Marcia Goldstein-Nathans



Are you a business interested in supporting local art and culture
in Southern Anne
Arundel County?

Artistic Membership
Artist Membership

The basic requirements for artist memberships are:

  • You must be a resident of, or work in, Southern Anne Arundel County, Md, which is defined as being south of the South River

  • An artist is defined as a person who practices or performs any of the creative arts such as painting, photography, ceramic art, pottery, woodworking, carving, etc.

  • Your art must be your own, original creation

  • This is a volunteer organization.  Members are expected to contribute to the success of the guild.  This can be done in many different ways

  • You must maintain your membership by paying annual dues. The dues are currently $40. (there is a $2 fee for online payments to cover fees)

  • MCAG Show Standards must be met if selling your art.


New member review process:
All potential new members are asked to participate in a peer review of their artwork prior to acceptance to the Guild.

Complete the online application.  Email 3 photos (.jpg or .pdf) representative of your work along with brief descriptions for each (including but not limited to media and process, how they represent your body of work, etc.) to

After receipt, an invitation to an in-person, new member review session will be extended or declined. If invited, you will be asked to bring several representative pieces to present.  If accepted, you can pay your membership dues online at the interview or bring along a check for the $40 annual membership fee. If declined, we will provide a reason why and you are welcome to seek reconsideration at the next review session.

Ready to join? Click the New Member Application Link below.

Quarterly Reviews for New Members

will be held on the following dates:

March 30, 2024, July 13, 2024,

Oct 12, 2024, Jan 11, 2025

Note: New member reviews are normally done on Saturdays.

Already a member? Click the Members Only Link below (password required)

Patron Membership

Even if you are not an artist, your support and involvement in the Guild is most welcome—we love our patrons! Patrons are invited to attend one Do Art event per year on us.  We offer special "sneak peek" access to our holiday show. They can serve on committees, volunteer at shows, and can participate in all of our meetings and workshops. A Patron cannot show artwork—for that, you must go through the artist member process noted above. Interested in becoming a patron? Simply complete the application form and return it with your fee of $100 (or more) to join us.

Click the link below to complete our online app:

Or download the PDF and mail the completed form to us:

Event Sponsors

We're proud to partner with local businesses!  Event Sponsors are persons, companies or organizations that provide financial support or in-kind-donation for Guild-organized exhibitions and other art-related events or projects.  In return, the Guild will promote and acknowledge the company as our sponsor in advertising the event.

  • Any contribution is welcome from those who wish to sponsor our events and programs.

  • For a $100 contribution per event (or in-kind donations of an equivalent value) your company name or logo may be included as “Sponsors” on promotional materials including show programs, the event webpage and on our social media.

    • ​Sponsors shall provide their own logo or business name to be included in our promotional materials, subject to space availability and design preferences of the Guild's graphic designer.

  • Two signs will be placed at events acknowledging All Event Sponsors; one sign to be placed at the cashier's table, and the other in a prominent location near reception.   

  • For a $250 contribution per year, you can be an "Annual Events Sponsor" in exchange for promotion as a Sponsor at ALL our events, including “Do Arts”.

Click the link below to complete our online app:

Or download the PDF and mail the completed form to us:

If you have any questions about the Guild or membership, please contact us!

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