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SoCo Arts Lab Opens Its Doors in South County

A new venture that will feature studio space for artists who jury in, as well as community-focused classes and events.

The mission of SoCo Arts Lab is to foster connections among artists and with the public and ignite the creative spirit in everyone. They offer dynamic workspaces where artists can create their own work and share the experience with others.  The Lab plans to add further value to the community by offering opportunities for classes, lectures, and other community events in the coming months.

The Lab, whose founders include three Muddy Creek Artists,  Lora Moran-Collins, Cary Eure, and Nancy Oliver, invites interested artists to consider membership and/or apply for juried consideration for one of their open studio spaces. The Lab offers three levels of annual artist memberships:  

  • Resident Artist  ($100/year plus fees to lease studio space)

  • Associate Artist ($100/year)

  • Emerging Artist  ($50/year)

Download their brochure for more details about each of these options. The Lab welcomes members of all skill levels, whether actively engaged in artistic creation, just beginning to explore (or want to) their creative energy, or enthusiastically support and enjoy the creatives in their lives.  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact us (  for an application or check our Facebook page. (And be sure to like us, too!) The SoCo Arts Lab is a Maryland non-profit corporation, now in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status. 


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