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"Color: Bridging the Abstract and the Concrete"

A photograph captures the sense of a scene not only in its physical details (through color, lighting, and composition) but in its emotional message as well. And yet it is possible to distill a scene’s essence, extracting and communicating its emotion through abstract color and shape alone. Through these pairings of digital photos by Richard Isaacman (MCAG member) and abstract acrylic canvases by Jen Sterling, the artists attempt to bridge the gap between the abstract and the concrete. Each painting was based on the color palette of a particular set of images.

Their work will be on display at Paul’s Homewood Café located at 919 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Show runs March - May 2019, with opening reception May 7, 4:30–6pm. The Café is open daily.

Jen Sterling and Rich Isaacman


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