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Muddy Creek Artists Guild's Holiday Show Highlighted by the Capital Gazette

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Muddy Creek Artists Guild Sell holiday gifts to benefit Central Special School


Capital Gazette|  December 16, 2019

Each year after the Naval Academy’s commencement, Edgewater photographer Mike Lopes waits at a nearby shopping center to catch a few recent graduates on their way to lunch so he can give them an 11x14 inch matted print of The Blue Angels in flight.

The Muddy Creek Artists Guild sold those images and pretty much every other form of media as part of the group’s Gifts from the Arts show at the Main Street Shopping Center at South River Colony. The show included works with a range of prices from 36 artists who live south of the South River.

“It supports a creative community inside their community,” guild President Anita Ewing said.

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