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Guild donation delivers dreams

Updated: May 20

Deale Elementary 2024 Art Show "Underwater Adventure"

Do you ever wonder what happens with the monetary donation Muddy Creek Artists Guild makes to the art programs in South County schools? Well, let me tell you.

First, a little back story. Since its inception, the Guild has been committed to supporting local arts education in K-12 schools through its Arts Education Fund. Guild members donate art work at each Guild-sponsored show with all proceeds from those sales going to the Fund. Additionally, a few outstanding donated works are selected to raffle off at each show, with proceeds from ticket sales supporting the Fund. By purchasing raffle tickets or buying donated art designated for the Arts Education Fund, art show visitors join hands with Guild members in supporting art instruction in South County schools. 


Art instruction is a crucial component in a child’s school life.  It helps them tap into their creative sides and hone skills like communication, fine motor skills, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. Art also introduces students to creative ways of knowing, which can help them see the world in new ways.

Top: Lora Collins at Deale Elementary with art teacher Julie Braithwait (center) and Principal Christie Acri (right). Bottom: Shady Side Principal John Barzal (left) and art teacher Nicole Brennan (center)

Each year the Arts Education Fund supports schools from a specific instructional level.  In 2023, the monies were targeted for the 9 elementary schools in South County (Deale, Edgewater, Central, Davidsonville, Lothian, Mayo, Shady Side, Tracey’s and Central Special). Overall art sales were good last year, enabling the Guild to supplement the Arts Education Fund earnings and raise the amount each school received to $1000. In February 2024, Guild President Lora Collins, along with several other Guild members, visited each school and presented a check to the art teacher and principal.


And what did the art teachers do with the funds? Let’s take a look.

Manikins, glue, tempera paint (in neon colors!), paint brushes, watercolor palettes, and colored pencils were among supplies identified by the older students at Central Elementary School when they gave input to art teacher Lauren Schlossberg about what supplies they thought were needed in the art room.  Working on making papier-mâchè action figures, the fifth graders used the new manikins to study proportion and movement. Students created sketches using the manikins and then translated the drawings into three-dimensional figures. Ms. Schlossberg reports that the manikins made it much easier for students to understand how to proportionately draw their person in action. The Central kindergarteners dabbled in tempera to create sunsets on their seascapes, the third graders used the new watercolor palettes in making their Georgia O'Keefe inspired flowers, and the fourth graders busily attended to using watercolors for the backgrounds of their Maryland-inspired lighthouses.

Central Elementary 5th grade project

Watercolors by Central's 3rd and 4th graders

At Davidsonville Elementary School, the 2nd grade artists were thrilled to have brand new markers to use in their Keith Haring Design works. Meanwhile, the kindergarteners enjoyed trying out Kwik Stix—tempera paint that dries in 90 seconds—and dreaming up ideas for incorporating this into their art next year in 1st grade. The Davidsonville 5th grade artists created complementary cake paintings with Crayola Premier Tempera paints and both round and flat Royal Langnickel paintbrushes, all purchased with the funds.  Art teacher Jennifer Lahtinen expressed gratitude, saying, “High quality materials make a huge difference in the artists’ creative processes! Thank you!”

Davidsonville 2nd graders
Davidsonville kindergarteners
Davidsonville 5th graders at work

Art teacher Jenilee Denney at Mayo Elementary bought clay and other sculptural materials, as well as bamboo brushes for teaching Sumi-E style painting.  Budding 2nd grade artists in Ms. Denney’s class used the clay to make ceramic pinch pot tulips, while the 1st graders created jellyfish that were adorned with cool tentacle materials. Ms. Denney still has other items waiting in her shopping cart for the remaining funds.

Mayo 2nd grade pinch pot tulips
Mayo 1st grader holds a ceramic jellyfish

Over at Shady Side Elementary School the 3rd graders were learning about American Sign Language and in art class made ceramic “I Love You” hands. Art teacher Nicole Drennan ordered both the clay and glazes for this project using the Guild donation.

Shady Side Elementary 3rd grade art

Deale Elementary School art students benefited from supplies purchased for their participation in Deale’s annual K-5 art show, which this year was themed “Underwater Adventure”. The show was a huge success with over 400 pieces of student art on display. Julie Braithwait, Deale art teacher, said: "The students had a blast learning about and creating different sea creatures to showcase the beauty of life under the sea! Your generous donation helped to purchase supplies such as: flourescent/metallic paint, canvases, wire, beads, clay, and so much more!"

Art at Deale Elementary School "Underwater Adventure"

Art at Deale Elementary "Underwater Adventure" Show

Gillian Conner at Central Special bought ceramic glazes, adaptive scissors and “so much more.” Maria Sage, art teacher at Tracey’s Elementary, ordered items for a Talavera Tiles project.

Proceeds from the Arts Education Funds in 2024 will be donated to the art programs at the two high schools in South County, Southern and South River.  Please do come out and purchase designated artwork at our shows this year and help us continue our commitment to K-12 art instruction.


Who knows which of these young artists will grow up and become Muddy Creek Artists Guild members themselves some day!  As of now, they’ve made a great start.

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