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MCAG Online Store


So, you want to join our new online store? GREAT! Below is a detailed description of how the new MCAG Online store works.  There is a lot of information—please read through it all before you submit your form.

Questions about getting started? Email


How It Works
  • Each Artist is currently limited to 10 pieces of work in the store.  Note that you can have multiple counts for each piece (example: 3 copies of a print).  As work sells, Artists can submit a new piece to replace one that sold.  We may increase the count for each Artist in the future after we have had a chance to see how things are going.


  • Each participating Artist will be assigned a Sponsor/Admin who will upload your work to the store plus be your contact when you want to change a description, replace a piece when one sells or if you want to just swap it out.


  • There is no charge to participate but you must be a current member of The Guild and have paid your dues for the year you have work displayed in the Marketplace. Dues can be paid through our online store or by mailing a check to the MCAG Treasurer (c/o Ruth Bailey, 6068 Drum Point Rd, Deale, MD 20751).


  • The Guild will take 15% of the sale (same as in our regular art shows). The Guild will handle all sales tax.

  • The Guild is using an online mercantile system offered by, who we use to handle all our sales at our in-person shows. It is very user friendly and looks great.

Registration requires two steps:

  1. Submit photos in the format noted below via email to MCAG (Link below)

  2. Fill out the online submission form (Link below)


Before you submit your form and photos take some time to view the Online store and see how things are organized and how participating artists have presented their work. Visit the store now >>



Your Photos


Photo Format – The proper format and titling of your photos is critical to keep things organized and reduce the effort of the Sponsors.  Please follow the following requirements:

  • Photos must be in a JPEG format.

  • You can include up to (5) photos for each piece.

  • Photos need to be square, with your work filling the space in at least one dimension. Please edit them accordingly before you send them if you can. If you take photos with your smart phone there is a setting for square photos. If you just can’t figure out how to make them square, send your photos anyway and your Sponsor will work with the store team to edit them before upload.


  • Please rename your photos before you send them using this format: MCAG TAG_Title_1. The number at the end designates the order of photos for each piece.  Photo #1 will be the initial photo customers see when they browse through the store.  When they click on your initial photo, they will get all the details of the piece and see the other photos.  

Example from Mike Dennis:
o  DENN_beehive_1  - This is the initial photo of Mike’s Bee Hive Pendant
DENN_beehive_2  - This is a photo of the Pendant worn by a model (To give proportion to the piece)
o  DENN_beehive_3  - This is a photo of the Pendant in the gift box

  • Remember that people are working with limited information so you need to provide as much detail as you can through your photos.  For example, if you have framed work make sure you have a good shot of the frame and maybe one of it on the wall to give some proportional perspective.  Photos of you working on it or maybe of you in your studio would be very effective too.


  • The quality of your photos is important. If you are struggling to take good photos, let your Sponsor know this. We have some great photographers in The Guild who might be willing to help you with this.


  • Because of possible restrictions on file sizes we recommend that you send separate emails for each item if you have multiple photos for that item.  



  • Email your photos the same day you fill out the submission form.


  • If you know who your Sponsor is, be sure to cc their personal email when you send in the photos. If this is your first submission, we'll assign you a Sponsor to help with your store experience.


List of online photo editing resources coming soon!


Fill Out

the Form

The submission form will accept up to 5 pieces of work. Note: If you are submitting less than five, you must still click "NEXT" at the bottom of all five screens to get to the "SUBMIT" button at the end. If submitting up to the 10 item limit, you will need to fill out the form twice, with 5 items each time.


  • You will be asked for the following information:

    • Your Name

    • Your Address

    • Your Phone (Important)

    • Email Address

    • Tag Name (This is a required field, so you need to have it to complete your application - contact if you need assistance)

    • Volunteer Role (just like a regular show, we need you to step up and help with keeping the store running smoothly!)


  • The Application will ask for the following information about each piece you are submitting:

    • DETAILS:  Including Title, Medium, Size, and any "packaging" notes (e.g., framed, unframed but matted, comes in a gift box, etc.).

    • DESCRIPTION:  This is where you sell your piece!. Include any interesting information you can to describe your work. People want to hear about materials and process. If shipping costs are included in the price be sure to indicate that also.

    • CARE: This field is primarily for 3D artists - What special care or information should the customer be aware of? (e.g., food safe, special washing/care, etc.)

    • VARIABLES:  If you have multiples available for this item, please note the variations if any (e.g., items that have the same style/design that comes in different color, materials, etc.) Note: be sure to include photos of every variation within the 5 photos you submit for that item.

    • PRICE and QUANTITY: What it your price for this item? How many pieces of this item will be offered for sale? You will need to note how many of each variable you have.

You will enter this information for each of the 5 items. If you are submitting less than 5 on the application just keep pushing the NEXT button to get to the last page of the application.


  • The last page of the form asks about Artist Information and Bio for the website:

    • Would you like an artist page on the MCAG website with a link to your items in the store?

    • If yes, please provide a short bio and/or artist statement. (Have this ready)

    • Do you have a website or social media link you want to include on your artist page?


  • Then you push the "SUBMIT" button and you are DONE!



Submission Process:
When an Item Sells
1. Prepare Photos
2. Fill Out Form
  • You will receive an email from the Store Treasurer with a copy of the email that was sent to the customer after they purchased the item.  This will be your notification of the sale.  The email will include the customer’s phone # and email address to start coordination for pickup/delivery.

  • Delivery/Shipping may be one of the trickiest parts of this whole process and all artists need to consider their options.  Right now, we are posting all work in the store as local pickup only.  This is primarily due to the cost and logistics of shipping large framed artwork.  To assist the Artist in delivery options we have created a position we call “Sales Coordinator”.  If you need assistance let your sponsor know.

  • The options for getting the item to the Customer are:
       The artist can deliver the item to the customer.
       The customer can arrange a time and place with the Artist to pick up the item.
       Working through the Sales Coordinator another volunteer artist could deliver the item to the customer.
       The artist can ship the item to the customer.  The cost for shipping (if not included in the price of the item) will need to be worked out directly between the Artist and the Customer.  This will require an additional financial transaction between the artist and customer.
       If you are selling smaller items that are conducive to packing up and mailing you can include shipping cost in the price of your piece.  If you do this, you need to indicate this in your item description.

  • When an item is shipped you will need to reply to the above email from the Treasurer with the following information:
       When it shipped
       How it was shipped (What carrier or method)
       A tracking number if you have one

  • If a customer buys items from multiple Artists, there will need to be a coordinated effort to get all the items to the customer.  If this happens a Sales Coordinator will step in and assist with this process.

  • Ultimately every Artist is responsible to figure out how to get their work to the customer in a timely manner. 

  • All artists need to be prepared if they sell one of their works of art to someone outside our area.  We would recommend that you determine what options you have on how to ship your work to the “out of town” customer.  Once a sale takes place you will need to quickly determine how to get the art to them and at what cost.

  • We will continue to discuss the logistics of delivery for large art pieces and hopefully come up with some additional options. 

  • Payout for sales will be issued by the Treasurer once a month.

General Info


  • You should allow 2-3 weeks for your items to be posted in the store.

  • You need to hold out your listed items from your other sales inventory.  Once a customer purchases an item, we are obligated to get it to them

  • The Guild reserves the right to remove or restrict items or artists who fail to cooperate or follow the requirements and guidelines of the store.  This is a cooperative effort and requires all of us to work together.

  • Once you know who your sponsor is be sure to include their personal email in all correspondence with

  • Once your items have been placed in the store be sure to view it and let your sponsor know if there are any changes you want made.

  • Share the link to the store with all your friends and family and let them know that new artists and items are being added every week.  Stay tuned for tips and techniques from our store Publicity Manager on how to effectively promote our new Online Store.


In closing I want to thank you for your participation in this exciting endeavor.  A lot of time and effort has been put forth by an amazing group of Muddy Creek artists to make this happen.  As more and more artists join the online store, we will be looking for more participation to help with operations and publicity.  We are still learning so your patience and support is appreciated as The Guild moves forward in a new way to promote art in South County.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sponsor.

Thank you,
MCAG Online Store
Management Team

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