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MCAG Online Store


So, you want to join our new online store? GREAT! Below is a detailed description of how the new MCAG Online store works.  

Questions about getting started? Email:


  • You must be a current member in the guild and have your dues paid up for the current year.


  • If you are new to the online store, please send a headshot and a short (2-3 sentences) bio or artist’s statement to let customers know who you are.

  • The Guild will take 15% of the sale (same as in our regular art shows). The Guild will handle all sales tax.

Send an email to  Include in the email:

  • Title of art

  • Your name

  • Price

  • Description/details: size, materials, medium, framing or matting included, interesting information, etc.

  • Photo(s) of the artwork*

  • Will you provide shipping?**

  • Do you have more than one of this item?

  • Category/Medium in store***


* You may have up to 5 photos per piece.

  • All photos must be in a square format. If you don’t know how to do this, ask!

  • Rename photo using the format MCAGTagID_Title, if you have more than one photo, add _1, _2, etc. with #1 being the initial photo that customers will see. E.g. TAGID_Title_1

  • Use good quality photos as this is the only way a customer will see your art!

** All items are available for pickup. If you are offering shipping, you must include all shipping costs. Choose your reimbursement amount from the following chart:


Enter shipping in one of the following amounts:

  • $1.00

  • $2.50

  • $5.00

  • $7.50

  • $10.00

  • $12.50

  • $15.00

  • $20.00

  • $25.00

If your shipping costs exceed $25.00, let store manager know.


*** Choose from the following categories.  Art may be entered into more than one category. 

If your item falls outside these categories, contact online store manager about having a new category added.

  • Book Arts

  • Ceramics

  • Drawing and Pastel

  • Fiber

  • Glass

  • Jewelry

  • Metal

  • Mixed Media

  • Original Prints

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Reproductions

  • Sculpture

  • Wood


  • You will receive an email from the store manager or the Treasurer to notify you of the sale. This will include the customer’s name and contact information. Contact the customer and arrange for pickup or confirm that the item is being shipped.

  • Notify MCAG Treasurer after pickup or shipping is completed. (If item was shipped, include the shipping date, carrier, and tracking number.)


  • The Treasurer will issue you a check for the sale.  Checks are issued once a month, more frequently by the Treasurer’s discretion.


  • Notify the store manager if the item becomes unavailable or is sold in a different venue.


  • Share the store with your family, friends, and other contacts.

 Visit the store now >>



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