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November 12, 2020

November saw the return of artist programming! Sarah Batchelder of Wimsey Cove gave a presentation about electronic images:  scanning, files, and digitizing your art. Below you'll find the resources Sarah provided to those in attendence:

Meeting Agenda img_Nov2020.png
Presentation img_Nov2020.png

Details on Jpeg compression and artifacting:

More detailed list of file types:

Consumer reviews of file sharing sites:

In Browser (opens in your internet window) Photoshop alternative:

A convenient guide on doing art digitally:

A YouTube video by a watercolor artist — starts talking about scanning about 2 minutes in:

Note: Searching YouTube is actually a great way to learn some tips and tricks especially if you're trying to do it yourself and don't mind watching these longer videos.

Have an idea for an upcoming presentation? 

Email us at

January 30, 2021 - 2021 Planning Meeting


A big thank you to the 15 people who participated in our 2021 Planning Meeting on Saturday, January 30.  It was very productive!  Below you'll find:

  • A summary of the discussions and decisions

  • A copy of the powerpoint slide presentation (in ppt and pdf formats)

  • A summary of our 2020 finances


Some decisions were made:

  • No Spring Show

  • Virtual Studio Tour in the fall (if we can figure out how to do this)

  • A big YES to a Holiday Show!!

Fundraising ideas:

  • 2022 Calendar

  • An auction of donated art work


Expand Publicity:

  • An article in the Capital

  • Next-door

  • Patch

  • Lisa told us about a weekly (?) Facebook livestream by Latty Pyle called “Lunch with a Glass Artist.”  Anyone can watch.  Find similar avenues or create our own?

Member Meeting Presentations and Activities:
Joanne Graham, Alice Yeager, and Ed Mann will demonstrate:

  • Joanne - a simple scarf

  • Alice - artwork in children’s books

  • Ed - some photo editing techniques

   These presentations to our members could expand into DoArt classes and live streaming or YouTube Videos.

Some ideas for activities for our member artists and patrons:

  • Plein air opportunities

  • Sketch crawls

  • Book club?

  • Online discussions?

  • 'How to Look at a Painting’

Member Meeting Presentations and Activites (continued)


Ruth proposed a challenge - 20 artists, 21 days - 2021!!! Produce a small piece of art every weekday in the Month of May:

  • There are 21 weekdays in May

  • Each day there would be a prompt

  • Limit the time you work on this each day - so quick and loose

  • Send the daily results out to a mailing list along with easy-purchase instructions


Ruth did something like this last year and got lots of sales!


Jan Van Der Vossen has agreed to lead an effort (with Monica(?) and Nancy) to:  send out a periodic (monthly?) Newsletter to our Big List (about 1700 people who have signed our guest book at shows, or otherwise expressed interest in MCAG). Each newsletter would highlight an individual artist and show some work along with easy-purchase instructions.


We explored some ways that we could use the synergies that we have with the SoCo Arts Lab: Joint events, joint shows.


Links to downloadable documents coming soon!

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